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Blood and expertise : the trials of the female medical expert in the Ancien-Régime courtroom
Cathy McClive2008
In memoriam : Mirko Dražen Grmek, 9 january 1924-6 march 2000
Jacalyn Duffin2000
In the balance : weighing babies and the birth of the infant welfare clinic
Lawrence T. Weaver2010
Medicine in the civic life of XVIIIth-century Montpellier
Elizabeth A. Williamsété 1996
Sauvons les bébés : child health and U.S. humanitarian aid in the First World War era
Julia F. Irwin2012
The Midwife and the Church : ecclesiastical regulation of midwives in Brie, 1499-1504
Tiffany D. Vann Sprecher
Ruth Mazo Karras