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From continuing education to lifelong learning in French universities
Jean-Pierre Jallade2001
From "Écoles supérieures de commerce" to "Management schools" : transformations and continuity in French business schools
Marianne Blancharddéc. 2009
Higher education and graduate employment in France
Jean-Jacques Paul
Jake Murdoch
Ideas, institutions and policy entrepreneurs : towards a new history of higher education in the European Community
Anne Corbettsept. 2003
Moving away from central planning : using contracts to steer higher education in France
Thierry Chevailliermars 1998
New tools, new actors, new decisions
Albert Guissaz2002
Raising the levels of education in France : from growth to stabilisation
Catherine Béduwé
Jean-François Germe
mars 2004
Taking décisions on new curricula in French universities : do disciplinary criteria still prevail ?
Frédéric Kletz
Frédérique Pallez
mars 2002
The French vocational education and training system : like an unrecognised prototype ?
Annie Bouder
Jean-Louis Kirsch
déc. 2007
The History of EU cooperation in the field of education and training : how lifelong learning became a strategic objective
Luce Pépinmars 2007
The "New" students. The studies and social life of French university students in a context of mass higher education
Valérie Erlichdéc. 2004
Women in research in France
Monique Bonneau
Jean Gordon
déc. 2002