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A Career in the making : the education of Jean-Baptiste Colbert, marquis de Torcy
John C. Rule1996
Constructing mothers and families : the society for maternal charity of Bordeaux, 1805-1860
Christine Marie Adams1999
Creating French settlements overseas : pronatalism and colonial medicine in Madagascar
Margaret Cook Andersen2010
Fathers of power and mothers of authority : Dhuoda and the Liber manualis
M. A. Claussenprintemps 1996
French women and american men : "foreign" students at the university of Paris, 1915-1925
Martha Hanna1999
Gender, anti-individualism and nationalism : the Alliance nationale and the pronatalist backlash against the femme moderne, 1933-1940
Cheryl A. Koos1996
In the land of Joan of Arc : the civic education of girls and the prospect of war in France, 1871-1914
Margaret H. Darrow2008
Kith and kin : kinship and family structure of the nobility of XIth- and XIIth-century Blois-Chartres
Amy Livingstoneété 1997
Les Annales de Lucien Febvre à Fernand Braudel : entre épopée coloniale et opposition orient/occident
Carole Reynaud Paligot2009
"Les Garçons et les filles sont pêle-mêle dans l'école" : gender and primary education in early modern France
Karen E. Carter2008
Priest and instituteurs in the Union sacrée : reconciliation and its limits
Joseph F. Byrnes1999
Procreating France : the politics of demography, 1919-1945
Andrés Horacio Reggiani1996
Regional republicans : the Alsatian socialists and the politics of primary schooling in Alsace, 1918-1939
Alison Carrol2011
Regulating abortion and birth control : gender, medicine and republican politics in France, 1870-1920
Jean Elisabeth Pedersen1996
The First chair of political economy in France : Alexandre Vandermonde and the Principes of Sir James Steuart at the École normale of the year III
Charles R. Sullivan1997
The Politics of the young Philippe Ariès
Patrick H. Huttonété 1998
"There are only good mothers" : the ideological work of women's fertility in France before World War I
Joshua H. Cole1996
"To the unknown mother of the unknown soldier". Pacifism, feminism and the politics of sexual difference among french institutrices between the wars
Mona Siegelété 1999
Women teachers and the schooling of girls in France : recent historiographical trends
Patrick J. Harrigan1998