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A Case for dissidence in occupied Paris : the zazous, youth dissidence and the Yellow Star campaign in occupied Paris (1942)
Sophie B. Robertsmars 2010
After the affair : the "Congrès de la Jeunesse" and intellectual reconciliation in 1900
Julian Wrightdéc. 2009
Algerian orphans and colonial christianity in Algeria, 1866-1939
Bertrand Taithe2006
Educational conquest : schools as a sphere of politics in French mandate Syria, 1936-1946
Jennifer M. Dueckdéc. 2006
Frédéric Le Play and the family : paternalism and freedom in the French debates of the 1870s
Alan Pittmars 1998
Innocence and experience : sexuality among young people in modern France, c. 1750-1950
Colin Heywoodmars 2007
Municipal governement and secondary education during the early French Revolution : did decentralization work ?
Charles R. Baileymars 1998
Philanthropic women and the state : the société de charité maternelle in Avignon, 1802-1917
Susan Grogan2000
Philanthropies croisés : a joint venture in public health at Lyon (1917-1940)
Pierre-Yves Saunier
Ludovic Tournès
juin 2009
Secularism and women's education : the case of the École professionnelle de jeunes filles de Marseille
Phyllis Stock-Morton1996
Social structures and cultural practices : Michel Vovelle as a historian of rural society
Peter McPheejuin 2005
The Lavalette affair and the Jesuit superiors
D. G. Thompson1996
The Teaching of arabic in French Algeria and contemporary France
Alain Messaoudijuin 2006
Theological renewal and enlightenment confrontations at the Sorbonne (c. 1730-1750)
Jeffrey D. Bursondéc. 2009