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Cultural internationalism at the Cité universitaire : international education between the First and Second World Wars
Jehnie I. Reismars 2010
From Rousseau to evolutionism : Herbert Spencer on the science of education
Stephen Tomlinson1996
Journey in the historiography of the French method of physical education : a matter of nationalism, imperialism and gender
Thierry Terret
Jean Saint-Martin
nov. 2012
Port-Royal and the seventeenth-century paradigm shift in language teaching
Malcolm J. Bensonnov. 2002
Social change and secondary schooling for girls in the "Long 1920's" : European engagements
Joyce Goodmanjuil.-sept. 2007
Teaching as a woman's job : the impact of the admission of women to elementary teaching in England and France in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries
Susan Trouvé-Findingoct. 2005
Teaching morality and religion in nineteenth-century colonial Algeria : gender and the civilising mission
Rebecca Rogersnov. 2011
The Educational work of the De la Salle Brothers and popular education in Gipuzkoa in the twentieth century
Paulí Davila
Luis Maria Naya
Hilario Murua
mars 2012
"The Torment of every seminary" : the teaching of French in British schools, 1780-1830
Marcus Tomalinjuil. 2011