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Collège des Bons-enfants de Saint-Victor at Paris
William J. Courtenay2005
Foreign scholars at Paris in the early fourteenth century : the crisis of 1313
William J. Courtenay1997-1999
Junior and Antiquior at the university of Paris at the end of the Middle Ages
Laurent Tournier2001-2002
Oratorians and the teaching of cartesian philosophy in seventeenth-century France
Roger Ariew2001-2002
Rewriting history ? The parisian secular masters' Apologia of 1254
A. G. Traver1997-1999
Rey Fundator. Royal interventions in university colleges : Paris, Oxford, Cambridge (fourteenth-fifteenth centuries)
Thierry Kouamé2009
The Myth of parisian scholars' opposition to the system of papal provision (1378-1418)
Eric D. Goddard2009
The Relationships between astronomical observatories and universities in nineteenth-century France
Jérôme Lamy
Yves Gingras
The Role of irish clerics in Paris University politics, 1730-40
Thomas O'Connor1997-1999
University officers and the universities' institutional crisis : Caen (1450-1549)
Lyse Roy1997-1999
What was natural philosophy in the late Middle Ages ?
Edward Grant2005