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"A Sudden and terrible revelation" : motherhood and infant mortality in France, 1858-1874
Joshua H. Cole1996
Between paternal right and the dangerous mother ; reading parental responsability in nineteenth-century French civil justice
Sylvia Schaferavril 1998
Celebrating the père de famille : pronatalism and fatherhood in eighteenth-century France
Leslie Tuttleoct. 2004
Fatherless children and accouchement sous X, from marriage to demarriage : a paradigmatic approach
Nadine Lefaucheurjan. 2003
Gender, class, and generation in interwar french catholicism : the case of the Jeunesse ouvrière chrétienne féminine
Susan B. Whitneyoct. 2001
Hapless innocence and precocious perversity in the courtroom melodrama : representations of child criminal in a Paris legal journal, 1830-1848
Cat Nilan1997
"I was wife and mother" : french widows present themselves to the Ministry of Justice in the early nineteenth century
David G. Troyanskyavr. 2000
Making mothers : the advice genre and the domestic ideal, 1760-1830
Jennifer C. Popieloct. 2004
Paternity and the politics of citizenship in interwar France
Kristen Stromberg Childersjan. 2001
Popular classes and cohabitation in mid-XIXth century Paris
Barrie M Ratcliffe1996
Preindustrial "single-parent" families : the tutelle in early modern Dijon
Christopher Corleyoct. 2004
Representations of adolescence in the modern city : voluntary provision and work in Nottingham and Saint-Etienne, 1890-1914
David M. Pomfretoct. 2001
The Emergence of Droit de famille and Familienrecht in continental Europe and the introduction of family law in England
Wolfram Müller-Freienfelsjan. 2003
The Family politics of the Marquis de Bombelles
Jeffrey Merrick1996
The Rethoric of reproduction and the reconfiguration of womanhood into the French birth control movement, 1890-1920
Elinor A. Accampo1996
Women, adoption and family life in early modern Paris
Kristin Elizabeth Gager1996
Women, adoption and family life in early modern Paris
Kristin Elisabeth Gagerjan. 1997