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A Social history of ideas pertaining to childcare in France and in the United States
Crises of whiteness and empire in colonial Indochina : the removal of abandoned Eurasian children from the Vietnamese milieu, 1890-1956
Christina E. Firpo2009
Embracing the status quo : French communists, young women and the Popular Front
Susan B. Whitney1996
From young people to young citizens : the emergence of a revolutionary youth in France, 1788-1790
Nicolas Déplanche2011
Illegitimacy, inter-generational conflict and legal practice in eighteenth-century Northern Burgundy
Jeremy Hayhoe2005
Monsters in the village ? Incest in Nineteenth century France
Fabienne Giuliani2009
On seeking global history's inner child
Jeremy Hayhoe2005
On the threshold : youth as arbiters of urban space in early modern France
Christopher R. Corley2009