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Beyond adoption : orphans and family strategies in pre-industrial France
Antoinette Fauve-Chamoux1996
Departmentalization, migration, and the politics of the family in the post-war French Caribbean
Kristen Stromberg Childers2009
Effect of family rupture and recomposition on the children of New France
Hubert Denis
Bertrand Desjardins
Jacques Légaré
Jean-Louis Flandrin, 1931-2001
Rolande Bonnain2002
Medicine, statistics, and the encounter of abortion and "dépopulation" in France (1870-1920)
Fabrice Cahen2009
Nuptiality and family reproduction in male-inheritance systems : reflexions on the example of the Franche-Comté (XVIIth-XVIIIth centuries)
Bernard Derouet1996
Was there a European breastfeeding pattern ?
Gunnar Thorvaldsen2008
What became of the second generation ? The children of European immigrants in France between the world wars
Philippe Rygiel2005