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"Each and every one of you must become a chef" : toward a social politics of working-class childhood on the Extreme Right in 1930s France
Laura Lee Downsmars 2009
Fernand Braudel, historian
William H. MacNeill2001
Give us back our children : patriarchal authority and parental consent to religious vocations in early Counter-Reformation France
Barbara B. Diefendorfjuin 1996
In Memoriam : François Furet
Keith Michael Baker2000
Lost children : displacement, family, and nation in postwar Europe
Tara Zahramars 2009
Seduction, paternity, and the law in fin de siècle France
Rachel G. Fuchs2000
The Société d'instruction républicaine and the propagation of civic republicanism in provincial and rural France, 1870-1877
Sudhir Hazareesingh1999