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Some aspects of the medieval teaching of roman law
André Gouron2000
Some remarks on Buridan's discussion on intension and remission
Stefano Caroti2004
Claude Quételoct. 2011
Sorbonne la frondeuse
Véronique Dumasoct. 2009
Spiritual kinship as social practice : godparenthood and adoption in the early Middle Ages
Bernhard Jussen2000
St Anselm's forgotten student : Richard of Préaux and the interpretation of Scripture in early twelfth-century Normandy
William L. North2006
Statuta vetera. Les statuts de l'université d'Aix au XVe siècle
Noël Couletavr.-mai-juin 2009
Student manuscripts and the textbook
Ann Blair2008
Students, masters and "heterodox" doctrines at the Parisian faculty of arts in the 1270s
Luca Bianchi2009
Study abroad : german students at Bologna, Paris, and Oxford in the fourteenth century
William J. Courtenay2000
Sur les locaux de l'université de Bourges
Jean Jenny2001
Surgery in the fourteenth-century faculty of medicine of Montpellier
Michael R. McVaugh2004
Système narratif des vitraux de la Parabole de l'Enfant prodigue au premier quart du XIIIe siècle en France
Mika Moriyama1994
Systèmes éducatifs et cultures dans l'Occident médiéval (XIIe-XVe siècle)
Danièle Alexandre-Bidon
Marie-Thérèse Lorcin
Teaching and preaching confession in thirteenth-century Paris
Alan E. Bernstein1998
Teaching canon law
James A. Brundage2000
Techniques et méthodes d'enseignement
Olga Weijers1997
Teenagers at war during the Middle Ages
Kelly De Vries2002
Textes statutaires et autres sources institutionnelles émanées de la faculté des arts de Paris : esquisse d'un bilan
Charles Vulliez1997
The Art of medicine : Medical teaching at the university of Paris, 1250-1400
Cornelius O'Boyle1998
The Arts Faculty at Paris in 1329
William J. Courtenay1997
The Boundaries of charity. Cistercian culture and ecclesiastical Reform, 1098-1180
Martha G. Newman1996
The Buridan School Reassessed. John Buridan and Albert of Saxony
Joannes Matheus Maria Hermanus Thijssen2004
The Changing face of centres of learning, 1400-1700
Hilde De Ridder-Symoens2004
The Children's Crusade. Medieval history, modern mythistory
Gary Dickson2008
The Collège de Montaigu before Standonck
William J. Courtenay2007
The College of Saint-Raymond
John Hine Mundy2006
The Controversy over the principle of individuation in quodlibeta (1277-ca. 1320) : a forest map
Martin Pickavé2007
The Debate over Ockham's physical theories at Paris
William J. Courtenay1997
The Early carreer of Nicole Oresme
William J. Courtenay2000
The Early development of Pierre d'Ailly's conciliarism
Christopher M. Bellitto1997
The Education of "the Good Prince". Repetition and variation in Christine de Pizan's Livre du corps de policie and the Livre de paix
Angus J. Kennedy2006
The Education of women in the works of Vincent of Beauvais, OP († 1264)
Adam Fijalkowski2000
The Educational thought of Christine de Pizan. Body, gender and "sport"
Angela Giallongo2009
The Emergence of Droit de famille and Familienrecht in continental Europe and the introduction of family law in England
Wolfram Müller-Freienfelsjan. 2003
The Evolution of the trivium in university teaching : the example of the Topics
Olga Weijers2000
The First french universities and the institutionalization of learning : faculties, curricula, degrees
Jacques Verger2000
The First universities : studium generale and the origins of university education in Europe
Olaf Pedersen1997
The Formation of a thirteenth-century ecclesiastical reformer at the franciscan studium in Paris : the case of Eudes Rigaud
Adam J. Davis2005
The Holy bureaucrat. Eudes Rigaud and religious reform in thirteenth-century Normandy
Adam J. Davis2006
The Influence of monastic ideals upon carolingian conceptions of childhood
Valerie L. Garver2005
The Institutionalization of theology
William J. Courtenay2000
The Instructional programme of the mendicant convents at Paris in the early fourteenth century
William J. Courtenay1999
The Involvement of the university of Paris in the trials of Marguerite Porete and of the Templars, 1308-1310
Paul F. Crawford2010
The Jews in world history according to Hugh of St. Victor
Rebecca Moore1997
The Journey to wisdom. Self education in patristic and medieval literature
Paul A. Olson1995
The Late medieval university as an institution of learning : more learning or more institution ?
Marek Gensler2004
The Law school of Orléans as school of public administration
Kees Bezemer1998
The Metamorphosis of woman : transmission of knowledge and the problems of gender
Anneke B. Mulder-Bakker2000
The Mobility of medical students from fifteenth to eighteenth centuries : the institutional context
Hilde De Ridder-Symoens2010
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