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Corneille as a cultural icon in France from the Third Republic to today
Ralph Albanese2008
Education and political identity : the universalist controversy
Gilbert D. Chaitin2008
French in American universities : toward the reshaping of frenchness
Sabine Loucif2008
Literary education in the lycée : crises, continuity, and upheaval since 1880
Violaine Houdart-Mérot2008
Literary pedagogy and the limits of assimilation in France since the Third Republic
M. Martin Guiney2008
The Founding and recasting of french as discipline
Dan Savatovsky2008
The Literature of the enlightenment : an impossible legacy for the republican school
Martine Jey2008
The Pedagogy of colonial Algeria : Djebar, Cixous, Derrida
Brigitte Weltman-Aron2008
When French schoolchildren were introduced to literature (1920-1940)
Anne-Marie Chartier2008
Why Kevin's teacher can't teach
Pierre Albertini2008